Sunday, March 15, 2009

This Sunday

The church that my husband and I go to just celebrated their 70 anniversary of it foundation. The church is also explanding. There was a little ground breaking and food and fellowship. That was wonderful. But what was really marvelous was the sermon. The sermon was given by a former paster by the name of Al Janney.

I have never felt so much spirt in a sermon in my life. I was honest to God touched and it made me glad I was in that room and a Christian. I don't know if it was him, his words or his sermon style but it gave me a feeling like I'm not doing enough for my church. That I'm not doing enough to get the word out about my God and Jesus.

What is so funny is that anyone who has known me from before I met Daniel you'd know how much of a 180 that is for me. I read the Bible and belived in God but that was it. I didn't attend church and never really gave much thought on some of my actions. Now I feel like I found God and Christ.

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The start is kinda interesting but it ends good.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Teaser Gig Log

Last night, Daniel, James Tucker and I did a prom for a local private school. We'd worked with one of the schools administrators in the past for a personal party for her and she liked us so much that she wanted us for their prom. It was held a local country with some if the nicest servers I've ever worked with. The kids were amazing and it was a good time. I wore the wrong shoes and seeing as I never sit down in front of the clients even at there request it was a long night. My husband who I'm so proud of did most of the heavy lifting and I did what I could to contribute to him as a DJ. Here are some shots from last night, with more to come from Daniel's gig log.

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Friday, March 6, 2009

When the Bachelor should stay a Bachelor.

I'm not a fan of TV and for the most part I avoid it like a plague. This show is one of the reason's why. This only points out all the things wrong with America.

1) American's are watching people's lives....for ENTERTAINMENT. When did another human being become a walking zoo? I don't understand why anyone would want to watch a show about someone else finding love, losing love or anything in between. Live you own life, trust me it's much better.

2) Men- This particular show only reinforces the idea that men are b*stards. They can't think for themselves, are immature, hurtful, selfish, dumb and cheaters. Jason from my understanding could have chosen not to ask Melissa to marry him. In past shows a man even chose not to pick anyone at all. Knowing that he picked Melissa and then asked her to marry him, took her home to his family( and son) and then after the holidays started talking to the one he orignally rejected. Not telling Melissa that he was falling for Molly moved the show up to blindside her for ratings. Then started making out with reject 1 after reject 2 left. How is this sending a postive message to young men? Is this teaching the Bachelor's of tomorrow respect, commitment and caring? Also is this teaching young women of tomorrow what to expect from men? Which leads me too......

3) Women- How empowering is it to watch a bunch of women fight over a man that wasn't good enough to find a wife on his own? How silly and catish does this portray women. Furthermore how smart does this make us seem when we fall in love, some times have sex with a man who is wooing 24 other women? This reinforces the idea that women aren't worth a much as men? That as a woman you should throw yourself a man to somehow show him how much your worth. If your worth anything you don't have to go on TV to show it. This does not lay the ground work for the women of tomorrow to be confident, independent and knowing their self worth.

I know people will make the remark that it's just TV. It's worthless entertainment. Maybe it's not. Maybe it's how women, men and the American way of life will be remembered years down the road.

The first 1:45 points out what I mean.