Monday, September 15, 2008

To blog or not to blog...

So we have been informed that we don't blog enough....

Not really sure what to blog about. Normally I'm (Crystal) the one who does the blogging. Daniel normally reads and says okay to what I've written....or tells me to take out anything not good.

So I'm going to blog about JSO. And by that I mean there DART program. This past week they closed a local bar/club for MINOR code problems. I think that this was a little heavy handed. I think that with the problems that this city has I think there are more important problems for it to be focused on.

Anything else. Oh yeah I found the best site in the world...or at least as far as I can tell for Fleur de Lis.

Ummm...what else is new or interesting...Publix has this oatmeal chocolate chip ice cream....It's SOO good.

We are in the last 2 months before the wedding. I'm really ready to get the whole wedding thing out of the way. I'm ready to be married.

Daniel is really interested in his movie so has nothing to add.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Flip Camera and why the big blue store is HORRIABLE.

So thanks to our good friend Gary Durbin, Daniel just HAD to have one of those flip camcorders. So we saved our money and decided to go and buy one at the big blue electrics store*. We shop a lot at this place. Daniel being a DVD nerd has a huge collection and then we also bought his laptop there in Black Friday. So we are there A LOT. So anywho...we go into the store and we get there and I notice that within the store you can purchase merchandise in the store from their online and pick it up. I'm familiar with this process since I used Circuit City's program of picking in up in 15 minutes. (if it's not there in that time you get a $15 gift card and which I used to buy my camera and it was waiting on us when we got there in 10 minutes) so I thought it would take maybe 30 minutes if that. I was wrong....with them it could take an HOUR. Yes in this day and age where I can order a pizza online and have it delivered to my door in about 20 minutes it would take the big blue box store to get an order that was placed inside there very walls. I was standing in the store, using the stores computer and the stores Internet and it would take them a hour to pull the order. WHAT?

I know what some of you are thinking...why didn't you just buy it in the store? Well the same camera in the store was $25 more than online and since they don't price match themselves why wouldn't you just buy it online and then have the store walk over to the counter pick up the same camera and give it to you for cheaper?

So after the customer service desk rep told us that it would take an hour for the order to be filled I was like wait...I'm not waiting an hour. It doesn't make any sense when I can see the camera from here and you see the receipt that we just printed out with your printer. So being it was late I said never mind lets just refund the money and then we can go buy the same camera at
Circuit City online and have it in 15 minutes. At which time they tell us that we haven't really bought the camcorder and that they can't cancel in the store so we would have to cancel it online. So we walk back over to their computer and log in to cancel. We look and look and no where do we see that we can cancel. So Daniel walks over to wait in line to talk with the same lady to find out how to cancel. Since I was not doing anything but holding the website up to make sure it was still there. I pick up my cell and call big blue box and after being transferred twice I speak with a charming lady who asks what the problem I tell her and she says well whats the order number? I look at the screen and read it to her. She says okay name, I tell her, she says and your name, I tell her and I say that I'm his fiancee and that he's 30 feet away from me talking with a store manager. She asks his phone number, I tell her, she asks for the last 4 of card number used, I tell her since that as well is on the screen and his address, and since I spend Labor Day weekend moving him into his new apartment his address will be burned into my memory I tell her, so I think finally we are getting somewhere....NOPE she wants to talk to Daniel now. I've worked customer service my whole life. Never have I ever asked all the security questions, got correct answers and then asked to speak with the account hold. I used to work for ADT for goodness sake. Mean while Daniel is still talking to the store manager so I have to flag him down, and walk over to him have him say his name and then hand the phone back to me. I could have gotten an employee to do that....

So after fighting it out for a half an hour the store manager tells us to tell the phone reps to cancel the order and they will price match there own price. So I tell the lady on the phone to cancel it and since they had a hold on the whole amount I asked her to call Daniel's bank to do a manual hold removal. She said that she can't do it but she can forward my request to the department that can. It will only take 3-4 weeks. The hold will drop off after 4 days normally. I know this is a total line since for the 4 years I was a banker I had the Big Blue Store and do this many times. So I asked for a manager. Who said he would go ahead and handle that for us.

Long story short. I've never had to work so hard to buy something. We weren't returning anything we wanted to GIVE them money. And you would think in this economy they would want to work a little harder to keep customers...

Also when Daniel got home he was pleased to find a nice gift certificate for $50 bucks.

*The names have been removed to protect the innocent...but it rhymes West My