Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Buh Bye

So I got rid of Facebook today. I didn't really see the point of having it. I mean yes a few people talked to me on it but outside of that it was sucking the life out of me. It wasn't this joyful place to see how friends and family were doing. It was draining me of free time, of desire to be around people and goodwill towards my fellow man.

Only a few people will notice. I'm not known for my adoring fan's. Mostly it's friends that live in the same city as me who I never see. Maybe I'll get a random thumbs up from people but otherwise it's pretty pointless.

If you read my weight loss blog you will see I had a falling out of sorts with someone which lead me to not being involved with my fitness group. I doubt they'll even notice. I'm also thinking about taking a step back from my church. For a number of reason's. I've never really been a "church" person. I have a strong faith but that faith isn't wrapped up in a building or a place or a person. Daniel needs to go to church so he'll still be going but I think I'll just hang back and read my Bible in the time I normally spend at church. I'll miss the few people that I've gotten to know and who have taken the time to get to know me. It will be sad not to get a chance to talk to people and be social but in the words of my father, " C'est la vie!"

Well I'm off to put the niece down for her nap.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Crazy months

So I've been having the craziest couple of months. I broke my baby toe on my right foot...TWICE. I don't know if it's really considered two separate times or that I just re-broke it from the first time. Also I threw my back out. I've had bad back problems since I was in a horrible car accident when I was my late teens. It's been a problem that has plagued me for a really long time. It gets so bad I'm unable to walk. On top of that I had a tetanus scare after pruning the rose bushes outside the house.

Also during this time my mother and I had a falling out where it looked like we wouldn't be talking to each other ever again. It was really hard since growing up in the military my parents were the only family I had. My extended family lived states side while we roamed the Caribbean.

All of this took a toll on me mentally and physically. There were days when I just didn't feel like dealing with anything. I was supposed to be involved in a ladies Bible study but most of the time I was sick and couldn't make it. I wasn't really able to keep up with the housework. It was just bad.

It's times likes these that make me thankful for Daniel. He really is my rock. When I broke my toe the first time he moved our mattress downstairs because I couldn't make it up the stairs. He'd come home from work and clean and cook. Daniel's always been the guy who could make me laugh even when I didn't want too.

It's been a crazy couple of month and I'm just ready for the new year to begin. It will be the last year of my twenties, we'll have been married for 4 years, living in our house for 3 years and we'll be planning some big things for our future.