Friday, June 15, 2012

Working my butt off

So as most of you know I started selling Paparazzi Accessories in March after I stopped actively selling  mark. for over a year. I made the switch because as much as I loved mark. their prices weren't something I could to afford to keep paying. One of the things that I love about Paparazzi is that everything is $5. When I first signed up I was on pins and needles because I thought how's the quality of the jewelry if it's only $5. I was pleasantly surprised. They are really great pieces. I own several and everyone who's come to one of my open houses has fallen in love with at least a couple of things. I know I'm on to something.

The problem is getting people to see the pieces.  As most of you know, we only have one car, so during the day I can't just get up and go talk to people about hosting an event or a basket party. Everything I do is via the internet. I have a Facebook page and a website currently. Another problem is in my area 90% of the ladies are parents and since they are parents the mostly socialize with other parents.Since I don't have little league or play dates or kindergarten classes that leaves a void. This has been a hurdle to me. How do I find people willing to host an event at their home? I don't want to start cold calling people and I don't want to start guilting people into doing it.

It's starting to make me feel like a failure. I mean I'm reading all these other's ladies posts about all the parties they are having and I'm left wondering what is it about me that no one wants to host one for me? Daniel has been a huge help to me. He tries to boost my spirit and tells me that he knows I can do it I just have to keep working at it. I know that if I could just get some events and have more people see my products that this will take off but as of right now it's an uphill battle.

If anyone randomly reads this any suggestions would be great. Thanks.