Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I love saving money....

So a long time ago I reading online about real ways to save money. I stumbled on a website that gives you rebates on online purchases. It's beyond simple. You log in and look to see if your online store is there and you click on it and it gives you a rebate on your purchase. We've used it when we've booked hotels and earned 5% back. We've used it on business cards for Daniel and earned 10% back. The best part is every 3 months you get a big check for the total of the rebates. Simple. I love saving money.

Wanna check it out.....


Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Wow life just kinda moves fast. You blink and months have gone buy. We've been in the house now for about 9 months. It's seems strange to think about any time before the house. There are things I love about it( I love our lake) and things I hate( drywall problem, shower problem and HOA drama). Daniel and I were talking the other day that if we won the lotto we would stay here but pretty much redo the whole house. Put in hardwoods, new counters, put my cork flooring in the kitchen, etc.

Another big thing is that two really good friends are pregnant. I'm so happy for them. They are already great mommas. It's been hard on me a personal level since Daniel and I have started trying for children but it hasn't happened yet. At first we were going to wait two years but decided neither of us is getting any younger. It's kinda hard on me since I see others and it seems so easy for them but not for us. Just have to put our faith in the Lord that He has a plan for us. Maybe not biological children but adopted child like I was. Just hoping to over come the money hurdle with adoption.

In happy news Daniel and I have made plans for our 2nd anniversary trip. We're taking a cruise this year. It's a really nice Norwegian out of Miami. A 5 day trip to the Caymans and Cozumel. We're not going to be traveling on our anniversary just as a celebration of the anniversary. We got a really good deal and a free upgrade for their best balcony. We were going to try for a ocean view room but we love sitting out on our deck here at the house and looking at the lake...and what is an ocean if not a huge lake. lol.

We finally held our housewarming. We just had it for family mostly and a few friends. I want to plan another party that is more laid back. Looking forward to football season so I can have more football paries.