Saturday, November 19, 2011

Covering my head.

So I've been praying on something for a really long time. As most of you know I'm Catholic and traditionally when I attended Mass I would wear a mantilla. I have my personal reason's for doing it as well as 1 Corinthians 11 2-16. Since I got married Daniel and I have always gone to either a Methodist, Baptist, or a Non-Denominational church where the tradition of head covering isn't "normal" outside of the rare hat. 

During this time something has been calling me back to wearing a mantilla. Maybe I need it to make me focus more on what the pastor is saying vs. who's walking in late. I donno. But in the last 3 years this subject has been popping up in my head. Something is leading back to wearing a head covering in church. 

Finally I broke down and talked to Daniel about it and he agreed that if it's something that I'm being lead to do he'll support my decision. Here's the interesting part. As part of the idea of wearing a head covering you are meant not to be seen as a distraction to others. When I went to Mass I occasionally saw another woman wearing a mantilla or some other head covering but it wasn't seen as "strange". Women have worn them in the Catholic church since forever. Since I go to an amazing Non-Denominational while I doubt anyone would think I was strange (maybe they think I'm strange anyway. =) ) it might be a distraction to some. During the winter time I know I can get away with a scarf and just pull it over my head when we get to church but that wont be cutting it on days when I'm serving or in the summer. I've been looking around online and stumbled onto Snood's  which are worn by married Orthodox Jewish women. So I ordered two so I can start wearing them to church. 

I feel really happy and relieved by my decision. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my heart about this since it's something that I've been praying about for a very long time. 

Monday, November 14, 2011

Toddlers and coffee tables

So for the next couple of months I'm going to babysitting my niece.

Well let me back up some. I don't have kids. And there are no real plans to change that fact. I love kids, we just don't feel the need to have any little bundles of joy ourselves. I know a lot of parents out there who are doing a bang up job raising little pinballs.....I just don't feel the need to be one of them.

Since I have the luxury not to have to work my sister-in-law came to me and wanted to know if I'd watch my niece. I said sure and jumped right into it since originally I was in school to become a teacher. I'm familiar with babies and prefer this age to older kids. There is even a kinda joke floating around at my church that if your kid gets to be 2 they drop from my radar and I'm on to the next little baby. Crying doesn't phase me, vomit doesn't bother me and changing diapers doesn't stop me.

So I'm hosting my niece Gracie for the next 7 months. Even with my prior experience this is the longest amount of time I've spent alone with a kid at a single go.

It's nerve racking. She's a human pinball. One moment she's jumping on the couch, the next she's trying to ride the dog like a pony  and then she's trying to use me as a human lazy-boy. Her favorite thing to do is open her mouth and let Lottie kiss her. She thinks this is hilarious and she'll give you this death stare if you try to stop her. I've watched the same Bubble Guppies episode like 10 times already. It's the only thing I can do that will make her sit in one spot long enough so I can take my eyes of her for a moment. If I put it on I know I have about 2 minutes to run into the kitchen to fix lunch or gab her bottle. It's nice because she's learned to say apple, milk and soap.

Daniel tries to keep the coffee table clean during the week but I just laugh at him. That's where the pin ball eats. There is no point trying to polish the coffee table because tomorrow she'll just smash whatever I'm feeding her into it because it makes Lottie jump up to lick it. She thinks that's hilarious too.

Diapers.......did I mention I don't have kids.

It's pretty tiring but it's worth it because prior to this I only got to see her every so often at family get together's. She never really took to me. But now...haha take that everyone......we have our own inside jokes now....bam bam....chicha chicha bam barm....whoaaa cha-cha-cha.

Oh and she refuses to call my dog anything but Sizzles which is my dog's father's name.