Tuesday, November 9, 2010

HAHAH They're out there....

So I donno what's come over me the last few days but I've been obsessed with fashion, but more specifically plus sized fashion blogs. I've gone crazy reading about 6 different ones in the past two days. It's been really reaffirming to know that there is such a thing as plus size fashion.

Growing up my mother wasn't very supportive of my weight and would constantly harp on me to lose it. She would tell me over and over again how there wasn't any cute clothes for girls my size. I bought that hook line and sinker. I never thought even into my teen years that I could find cute plus sized clothes so I didn't bother looking. I never looked at fashion magazines other then to actually  read the articles. I never looked around online. I just gave up and lived with the ugly, bland, yuck clothes.

In the recent years I've gotten a little more involved with fashion but it wasn't until I started selling mark. that I really started looking around for proof that I could be as cute as my slender friends. Then with the help of Google's new Instant Search I was awakened to the truth. I found other plus size women....and they look good. Seeing pages after pages of photo's of them being themselves, wearing cute clothes and feeling good about themselves made me feel good about myself.

It's a new day....and I want to go shopping....now I just need a job.

Here's the blogs I've been checking out.