Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Water, water everywhere....

So we shall be hit by Fay after all. I myself am not really worried. I will be driving to my job hoping that my little Nissan wont fly off the road meanwhile most family and friends will be at home watching the storm from there couch. See I have a very important job. I help little old ladies check there e-mail. I know that that job doesn't sound important (especially during a storm) but our center isn't closing and if you call in you get and occurrence. And my job would NEVER put me in harms way for the bottom line. They value their people more than money. That's why I love my job. I get to help old ladies surf the Internet.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Welcome to our world.

So after living in a non blogging cave we have joined the 21st century and have started a blog. I'm sure that no one will read this but it will be nice to have a written log about our first year and beyond.

This weekend one of Daniel's long time friends came up with his wife and children. We went out with another couple who are also long time friends of Daniel's. The only thing I remember about this (besides my astonishment of the male mind and their endless ability to remember Seinfeld quotes.) was my salad. Yeah...yeah... the company was great but that was an amazing salad. What was this magical salad in which I speak? It was a fried chicken salad with walnuts and honey mustard dressing....I know...who knew...and where did we purchase such a phenomenal salad? Longhorn. Yeah that place....who knew?

I also performed my 3rd wedding late Sunday. I as a notary for the state of FL I can marry people. This was a fun time. I'm always semi-nervous about these. I'm afraid I'll stumble through the words. Or mess up a name or faint. Not really a big fainter but stranger things have happened at weddings.

Who's watching the Olympics this year? I remember being a kid and thinking that the Olympics were the coolest thing in the world. Now it's a nice diversion from normal tv.

Daniel would like to add...nothing at this time...I guess you'll be hearing a lot from me...