Monday, February 18, 2013

Easy pesy dinner

So I made this random dinner one night in my croc pot. I was literally grabbing things I had on hand that I thought would work. Turns out it was really good. The husband LOVES it and requested I add it into our normal rotation. Bonus there is enough left over for lunch the next day for the two of us.

1 jar mango salsa. I used Newman's Own because I had a coupon.
1 8oz brick of cream cheese.
3 frozen chicken breasts
1/4 cup broth. I've used both chicken and veggie.

Dump all of the above in croc pot, low for 7-8 hours. Walk away.

Yep that easy. If you want to add some extras to it you can. I've made it with corn, green beans and carrots. You can either add them at the start if you're doing them from the can or if you use something like Steamfresh Mixed Vegetables just add them when you have a hour left to go(after cooking the Steamfresh in the microwave). 

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